If your interest to the World-Wide Club of Odessites was kindled by a wish to get an insight into our activities and what we are here for – you are at the right place!

For many reasons the Odessites of varying ethnicities were (and still are being – alas!) dissipated through different countries. But all of us living in this blessed city are known for having the unique – one and only – national origin – an Odessite!

Thus, our ultimate goal is both to support the today’s cultural life of our unique city and to preserve the legacy of its past.

With this aim in view, we publish researches on family histories, trace back memories of the still unknown heroic deeds of our fellow citizens in order to help in restoring the authentic history of Ukraine through the life stories of individuals and families.

Here are the links to some of our profound and interesting investigations:

Account of a life story fact-finding 

1945 – 2015 Odessa – Elizabeth City

Contact us:
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